Thursday, April 17, 2014

What's to Come of This

You're not reading the timestamps wrong. It's been a while. Yeah, that Nirvana post puts us at close to 5 years. But it seemed fitting, in a way. It's Easter weekend. Resurrection is all around us in many different ways. There is a radio on top of the refrigerator in the house I'm living in - seemingly built-in to the fridge, and set to this station that is honoring the 80's this weekend as is it supposedly a great decade for music. I'm pretty confident it's 90% shit that this BBC mandated off-shoot is covering but I'm just as confident that all of life and art has a circular aspect that needs to be respected and Reviews From the Couch isn't about to wait for the non-existent blog revival committee.

Two opinionated guys talking about movies. That's what we've been about and what we'll continue to be about - despite some inevitable digressions (e.g. that long music related post below). We hope you'll tune in and maybe even help carry on the discussion. Follow the site on G+ for instant updates and extra links, videos and all that jazz. New content is imminent.

In the meantime, any issues or concerns should be solved by taking this advise:

Go, Lazarus, Go!