Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Schedule and Tickets Now Available for IFFBoston '09

If you take a look over at the IFF Boston website this morning, specifically here, you'll notice that they've partnered with B-Side and have made available tickets and the full schedule for this years Independent Film Festival of Boston. B-Side can be a useful little program, it allows you to create your own schedule or calendar for the festival, to keep track of where you're supposed be and when and whatnot, as well as letting you rate the films once you've seen them. It's kind of like a Microsoft Outlook for film festivals. It also helps shine a light on the fact that it will be next to impossible for me to see everything I want to see -- sadly, Multiplicity is indeed a work of fiction.

I've already touched on the excitement here at RFC-HQ over Big Fan, Brothers Bloom, Beeswax, Summer Hours, Pontypool and World's Greatest Dad but we'll be ramping up to the festival with some spotlights on a few films that don't have the kind of hype that the big names behind those films provide and hopefully even a word or two from the people behind the films.

22 year old Brendan Toller has crafted an ode to the independent record store called I Need That Record! and it's filled with interviews ranging from Noam Chomsky to Thurston Moore.

Nashville filmmakers the Deagol Brothers are showing their 2 year labor of love, coming-of-age zombie drama that happens to have my favorite title of the fest, Make-Out With Violence.

And there's a rouge horror move (not to be confused with the ok horror movie Rouge) out there that according to some positive word of mouth may actually be (gasp!) really goddamn scary! That would be Paul Solet's Grace which is occupying the Sat night midnight spot on the festival's program.

We'll be getting to know these and hopefully a couple of other not-to-be-overlooked films a little better in the days leading up to the Independent Film Festival of Boston. Stay bookmarked.

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