Monday, February 16, 2009

Prez Day Roku-O-Rama Move Marathon

Twitter. It's what our attention deficit, any-fame-will-do culture has come to. And I, Sean, am not above it -- I've been on Twitter since I got my iPod Touch 6 or so months ago. As an experiment and since I mostly comment on movies, the television I'm watching or, more recently, my battles with SARS, I'm adding it to our never long enough sidebar over to your right. Today I plan on enriching my life with six sure to be wonderful and amazing movies that I will comment on with the kind of probing and enlightening content that Twitter really promotes. The movies will range from Burt Reynolds to Fassbinder and Miike to Herzog. Let's roll.

Fully, completely movied myself out. Going to end on a sure thing and re-watch No Country For Old Men. Haven't seen it since its release.Taking break. Need to think come up with kick ass last movie to go out on.

Typically good, intense perfomance by Kinski but not much in the way of anything else. Haven't gotten beyond solid three star movies today.

Woyzeck isn't so much a look at a man's battle for sanity as it is a look at how far into insanity he'll go.

Poor Wozyeck a diet of peas and mutton would make any man insane.

Could any movie staring Kinski be described as a battle for sanity?#4 - Werner Herzog's Woyzeck. Staring, yes, Klaus Kinski.

Wildly inventive visuals make up for some bad writing. Western Sukiaki Django is much more successful than Tears of the Black Tiger.

Big fan of Bloody Benton. She's righteously kick-ass. Despite more than a few faults the frequent brilliant flourishes make it bloody fun.

Miike's take on the hero jumping on his horse to escape is of course brilliantly nuts. Some great howdhedothat? shots on display.

Miike's use of color is amazing. But I can already tell this movie would be a lot more fun with less plot.

If this movie can keep the goofy WTF grin it put on my face after just the first few minutes I'll be might impressed.

Round 3: Takashi Miike's recent oddity Sukiyaki Western Django.

Killer final shot tho & a killer theme song--kind of a Doorsy tune that pops up throughout the film. Not bad overall if a bit silly.

Central message of American Soldier--women have a problem keeping their traps shut.

Both White Lightning and American Soldier have great scenes featuring a pinball machine. I knew there was a connection!

In an odd way American Soldier reminds me a lot of Godards Alphaville.

There's something inherently perverse about a film noir from Germany -- nevermind from Fassbinder.

Next up Rainer Werner Fassbinder's The American Soldier.

But as far as the redneck fast cars loose women bootlegging movies go I do believe White Lightning sits atop them all.

White Lightning could have used some more scheming from Beatty's racist corrupt yet proud sherrif.

The movie has this badass theme when Gator is about to jump into action. I know I've heard it before. I wonder if Tarantino repurposed it.

It's a tiny Luara Dern!

This movie may rival Cool Hand Luke for most sweat on celluloid.

Bo Hopkins!

Burt Reynold was one charming SOB. What a laugh. Reynolds + fast car = Cary Grant + good suit.

Even 70's movies with Burt Reynolds have an authenticity most of todays movies lack.

Rokuorama begins. First up: Burt Reynolds and Ned Beatty in White Lightning!

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