Friday, September 12, 2008

Beer of the Month: Joseph's Brau Oktoberfest German Style Lager

Those who know me may laugh at me pimping a Trader Joe's beer (for reasons I won't get into). But I've been the first to agree with people who have been disappointed with their beers in the past. It's no secret that they've got a few misfires in their regular lineup. But this years Oktoberfest is no misfire. It's the perfect German style lager and a great beer to be drinking as the summer fades away and fall, the greatest of seasons, descends upon us. I'll admit that it is surprisingly good and above all else it's a great alternative to those lame pumpkin beers that are also starting to show up. Choose wisely.

It's a malty golden beer that gives you a light but rich, smooth taste that is easy to drink and does well right out of the bottle. It's refreshing but it isn't too bubbly and not very hoppy at all -- a well balanced beer that covers your tastebuds with traditional malt and yeast flavors but isn't bitter in the least. Very little of the flowery or citrus flavors of the spring and summer. A good beer on a 70 degree day with a slight chance of rain. I would pair it with a good cheddar, some apple slices and Wim Wenders' fuzzily out of step yet admirably ambitious Until the End of the World.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Pretty tasty for a store brand.