Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cassavetes > Morel, in verse (Taken)

Director: Piere Morel
Viewed From: What felt like the seventh level of hell

Damn you Cinematheque Royale.
Damn you for not having the print of Minnie and Moscowtiz, and instead showing Faces, which I had already seen.
And Damn you for having an advanced copy of Taken, an utterly forgettable and offensive film, which manages to both waste Liam Neeson and the entire city of Paris.
And Damn you especially first commenter on, for claiming this is 'the best movie ever made.'
Alas, it's not even in the top 5.

And woe be unto American audiences come September 19, where you can see the man who played Michael Collins drive stakes into the legs of an Albanian and torture him for fun.
And woe unto thee who follows this man's obsession.
For what truth is there in art, if not that obsession leads to destruction, that pride comes before the fall.
But not for Bryan Mills, whose pestering, nagging, and truly creepy affection for his daughter is all rewarded in the end.
You are like Icarus, Mr. Mills, except you just keep flying higher.

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