Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trailer 101

I'll be trying to make the most of my Dark Knight watching by waiting to get a ticket to one of the IMAX showings -- all of which are sold out this weekend. Anyway, one of the things they'll be showing during the half-hour of crap they'll be putting in front of the actual movie is something I've been waiting patiently for -- the first Watchmen trailer.

Zach Snyder wouldn't be my first choice to direct this adaptation -- my hopes were at their highest when Paul Greengrass was all set to go forward with it. But Snyder has already defied the movie gods by making a Dawn of the Dead remake that was actually pretty damn good so maybe he does have some sort of magical movie karma going on.
The trailer does give one hope. I'm sure the thing isn't even close to done (the reason for all the slow motion and whatnot) so as far as trailers go for a movie that is still some 8 months away, this is a perfect example of giving the fans something to chew on for a good long while 'till the next teaser. There's even an easter egg about halfway through involving a gun getting replaced by a walkie talkie (a'la Speilberg) to appease the MPPA for those people who want to watch it frame by frame -- you know who you are.

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