Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Beer of the Month: July

(sometimes, once a month, every other month, twice a year, or when it's that special time, there's a post about beer and it's called Beer of the Month)

Miller High Life: 16oz

I don't think it's a secret to admit that Miller Brewing Co. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin produces a
superior 16oz can than that of Pabst Blue Ribbon. The Champagne of Beers is a tall can of refreshment on a 90 degree day like the one here in and around my bungalow. Especially after the Palo Santo Marron Dogfish Head I just drank. The Palo Santo is a beer to contend with, no doubt about it. Things like wooden brewing vessels and 12% abv need to be dealt with in a serious and professional manner. The Palo Santo is a business partner that will reward greatly but takes pity of no fools. Miller High Life is a much friendlier associate for these summer times.

It doesn't pour with any certain intoxicating color or head strength. This is because even before the can is open it is deposited squarely in a beer cozy -- one that suits my mood -- like the one I have before me now that screams BECAUSE WE CAN! to me -- and it stays there.

In harsh economic climates like these it's important to take into consideration a beer that establishes itself well to the price of a six dollar six pack. As well, I believe 16oz to be a superior delivery measurement for a beer of its variety. Their canning might not be as awesome as Dale's, of my beer cozy fame, but the flavor of the beer isn't as canny as you might think. It's almost tart and quite bubbly and refreshing. That champagne claim is not quite completely, utterly off. It can be a good change of pace or simply your first beer of choice, who am I to look down at that, either way it's highly quaffable.

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