Saturday, July 5, 2008


A few weeks back, Sean profiled the Beligian European Film Festival that was to take place in Brussels. It looked like a great set-up, and I had had so much fun at the short film festival here that I was planning on a major commitment...

Well, the BEFF has pretty much come and gone, sans a single viewing. But...BUT...I may have a chance for redemption as the RFC-recommended Cinematheque Royale de Belgique, the much frequented cinema that shows old and new movies here for two euro apiece. The wonderful folks at CRB are running a sort of tie-in to the BEFF, entitled the Prix de Age d'or & Cinedecouvertes, which is showing some of the same movies (including Sean-recommended Night and Day) as the BEFF. Here is the lineup.

In addition, the PdAd&C also is adding movies from India, Hong Kong, and hell, even the States, many of which will be available with English subtitles. And so not only with this festival be cheaper and closer to the RFC Brussels-office, but it should be better too! A quick glance seems to reveal that a lot of the fun-type movies by young and precocious European directors from the BEFF have been replaced by the super-serious depressing movies favored by this corner of RFC. The BEFF brings in a lot of the kids, but I have a feeling only the hardcore cinephiles will be at the PdAd&C. I'll make no pretensions about seeing all twenty films in competition, but since this week happens to fall in between visits from friends and family, I should get to a lot.

Starts tomorrow, July 6th, with Revanche, a three-time winner at this past year's Berlin Film Festival. The picture above is from the film, so, yeah, I'm looking forward to it.

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