Thursday, June 12, 2008

Watch Isabella Rossellini Hump a Mantis

Over at the Sundance Channel's website there's a big Green thing going on. A lot of tv channels are doing this. Discovery Channel recently claimed to be the first channel to run 100% off of "green energy". Whatever. The Discovery Channel doesn't have Green Porno -- my new favorite thing on the interwebs.

There are currently 8 Green Porno episodes. Each one written, starring and co-directed by Isabella Rossellini wherein she describes and acts out how a particular insect or bug bumps uglies. Rossellini is wonderfully uninhibited and is having a blast doing these little short movies -- her joy is infectious. Knowing David Lynch's fascination with bugs you can easily picture him loving these movies. I particularly love the low budget special effects like the expanding pool of blood in the Bee episode. The costumes and props are all beautifully made and keep each episode unique and imbue a certain anticipation as you look forward to the next one.

I certainly hope there are many more to come. If you never thought you'd here Isabella Rossellini say, " penis will break off! It will be stuck in her like a cork in a bottle!" then you were wonderfully mistaken. Now go and enjoy...

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