Friday, April 11, 2008

IFFBoston - The Schedule

Well whomever scheduled this lineup obviously wasn't reading RFC since they put Stuck and The Beaver Trilogy up against each other. I don't use it often, if ever, but: WTF. Seriously, I've done my homework since the schedule was put out Wednesday and these two are about the only movies getting one showing. Crestfallen is a good word to describe my feelings about this schedule. Bullshit is another. So it is with a disappointed pen that I write this missive --
I mean here is my IFFBoston forecast:

Wed - 7:30 @ The Somerville -- Transsiberian

Thu - 7:30 @ The Somerville -- Mr. Lonely

These two days are easy to figure out. They're weekdays, big premiers and I'm an old man.

Fri - 11:45 @ The Somerville -- Time Crimes

Sat - this is the big fuckaround (Sofie had it easy!) but here it goes...
2:45 @ The Somerville -- My Effortless Brilliance
8:15 @ The Somerville -- Frownland
11:30 @ The Somerville -- Beaver Trilogy

Sun - 7:45pm @ The Somerville -- Goliath
10pm @ The Somerville -- Tracy Fragments

Mon - 8pm @ Coolidge Corner -- My Winnipeg

That's the gist of it. There may be a spontanious viewing here or there -- a decision to see a shorts collection on Sunday or something but for now that the schedule. Maybe next year the folks who run this show will have some sense to not put the two biggest draws up against each other and come up with a money saving pass that doesn't require you to see 15 movies to make it worthwhile.

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