Friday, March 28, 2008

BUFF and IFFBoston are at it again, Pt. 2 -- The Independent Film Festival of Boston

So the Boston Independent Film Festival line-up has been announced and it's a helluva thing. I'm just going to list the movies with a remark or two. The remarks have no bearing on if I think they'll be good or not (for the most part), just whether or not I'm planning on seeing it. The website has a more descriptive list (as well as clips) up now but earlier this week when I was making this all I had was the names and I was working off of IMDb, so forgive the lack of info on a couple of these. I honestly think this is the most impressive line-up of films I've seen for a festival in this area. Congrats IFFBoston.

Narrative Features

AUGUST EVENING, directed by Chris Eska [the title makes me yawn]

BALLAST, directed by Lance Hammer [Mississippi suicide drama that's won some awards but I'll probably be skipping it.]

BEAVER TRILOGY, directed by Trent Harris (Buried Treasure screening) [Good lord, yes. This is one of those mythical movies that I've been reading about for half my life. Three short films about one man with an Olivia Newton John obsession. One movie is the man himself, one movie is the man played by Crispin Glover, and in the other one it's Sean Penn. I'm so damned jazzed to finally see this.]

BIG MAN JAPAN, directed by Hitoshi Matsumoto [Fake doc about a reclusive Japanese man who sometimes grows in size... probably not.]

BLOOD CAR, directed by Alex Orr [Alternative fuel source: blood... probably not.]

THE CAKE EATERS, directed by Mary Stuart Masterson [no good reason, but no.]

FLASH POINT, directed by Wilson Yip [I love watching Donnie Yuen do his thing -- Iron Monkey is a fantastic little kung-fu flick... I'll try to catch this one but it's not high priority.]

FROWNLAND, directed by Ronnie Bronstein [Sounds like a dark, slow comedy about a coupon salesman.... probably not.]

GOLIATH, directed by David Zellner & Nathan Zellner [There are a few of these generational slice-of-life comedies that I'm attracted to -- this one even has Bujalski in it. Yes, and see also Momma's Man and Woodpecker.]

JETSAM, directed by Simon Welsford [British cops and robbers... probably not]

MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY, directed by Barry Jenkins [African American urban love story... probably not.]

MISTER LONELY, directed by Harmony Korine [After 8 years Korine is back with the story of a commune for celebrity impersonators with music by Spritualized. I'll be seeing this.]

MOMMA'S MAN, directed by Azazel Jacobs [see Goliath, probably yes.]

MONGOL, directed by Sergei Bodrov [Khazakstan's Oscar moninated Attila the Hun story... probably not.]

MY EFFORTLESS BRILLIANCE, directed by Lynn Shelton [No clue, judging from previous work probably bittersweet dramedy... probably not.]

MY WINNIPEG, directed by Guy Maddin [I'm simply mad for Maddin! Sorry. Yes.]

NATURAL CAUSES, directed by Alex Cannon, Paul Cannon, and Michael Lerman [People trying to connect in relationships, sounds kind of too touchy feely... probably not]

THE NEW YEAR PARADE, directed by Tom Quinn [Focusing on the children after the parents seperate... probably not.]

PHOEBE IN WONDERLAND, directed by Daniel Barnz [One of the more high profile films -- Felecity Huffman -- tagline: Dare to Live Your Dreams... yeah probably not.]

PING PONG PLAYA, directed by Jessica Yu [Asian-American with basketball ambitions... probably not.]

PINK, directed by Alexander Voulgaris [Sounds like a coming of age story from Greece... probably not.]

SAVAGE GRACE, directed by Tom Kalin [Julianne Moore stars in a based on a true story high-society London murder... probably not.]

SEVERED WAYS: THE NORSE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA, directed by Tony Stone [Could be a cool low-budget epic... probably not.]

Now we get into the big yeahs...

STUCK, directed by Stuart Gordon [Big Yes. Excited about this one.]

TIME CRIMES, directed by Nacho Vigalondo [Most probably... I heard some good things about this coming from a festival in Austin last year and I have a thing for low budget sci-fi.]

THE TRACEY FRAGMENTS, directed by Bruce McDonald [Sounds great. I'm a fan of McDonald's old stuff and this sounds like a very cool experiment -- like taking Time Code to it's limits. Ellen Page... yes.]

TRANSSIBERIAN, directed by Brad Anderson (Opening Night Film) [I enjoyed The Machinist and this sounds like it could be a great thriller -- could Anderson finally break into the mainstream? Yes.]

TRIANGLE, directed by Ringo Lam, Johnnie To, and Tsui Hark [I like these guys but the story doesn't do much for me... something about a treasure... maybe.]

TURN THE RIVER, directed by Chris Eigeman [Eigeman's always fun to watch as an actor and I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt with this own material. Highly possible.]

TWELVE, directed by Scott Masterson, Seanbaker Carter, Andy McCarthy, Garth Donovan, Luke Poling, Noah Lydiard, Megan Summers, Brynmore Williams, Joan Meister, Marc Colucci, Jared Goodman, and Vladmir Minuty

VEXILLE, directed by Fumihiko Sori [CG sci-fi anime... small possibilty.]

WOODPECKER, directed by Alex Karpovsky [I don't know why but I have a hunch about this one. I have no idea what it's about but looking at Karpovsky's last film this could be a cool little sleeper. Strong possibilty.]

Documentary Features

AMERICAN TEEN, directed by Nanette Burnstein [about Indiana high school cliques... probably not.]

AT THE DEATH HOUSE DOOR, directed by Steve James and Peter Gilbert [Wrongful death examination... p.n.]

CRAWFORD, directed by David Modigliani [About the town GWB calls home... p.n.]

DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH, directed by Erik Nelson [About Harlan Ellison -- strong maybe.]

ELEVEN MINUTES, directed by Michael Selditch & Rob Tate [Hah. Doc about original Project Runway winner Jay... probably not though he can be entertaining.]

ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD, directed by Werner Herzog (Closing Night Film) [Seen it... wonder if he's going to be there?]

FRONTRUNNER, directed by Virginia Williams [A woman running for president in Afghanistan... p.n.]

THE GREENING OF SOUTHIE, directed by Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis [hmm...]

INTIMIDAD, directed by David Redmon and Ashley Sabin [Family re-united... probably not.]

JOY DIVISION, directed by Grant Gee [Yes.]

JUMP!, directed by Helen Hood Scheer [Jump-roping... nah.]

LIFE. SUPPORT. MUSIC., directed by Eric Metzgar [Probably something about the importance of music... p.n.]

THE LINGUISTS, directed by Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller, and Jeremy Newberger [Two guys who study dead or dying languages... probably not.]

LIONESS, directed Meg McLagan and Daria Sommers [First women to see ground combat... probably not.]

MEADOWLARK, directed by Taylor Greeson [Who knows?]

NERDCORE RISING, directed by Negin Farsad [self explanitory -- maybe.]

NOT YOUR TYPICAL BIGFOOT MOVIE, directed by Jay Delaney [Sounds kinda cool -- Bigfoot as a way out of a dead end town... possible]

PUBLIC ENEMY: WELCOME TO THE TERRORDOME, directed by Robert Patton-Spruill [Another intersting music doc... possible. Paddy would probably want me to.]

SAVIOURS, directed by Ross Whitaker and Liam Nolan [Who knows?]

SECOND SKIN, directed by Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza [World of on-line gaming culture... maybe.]

SECRECY, directed by Robb Moss and Peter Galison [Hmm... political doc about government secrecy... possible.]

SEX POSITIVE, directed by Daryl Wein [Richard Berkowitz, a revolutionary gay S&M sex worker turned AIDS activist... nah.]

SONG SUNG BLUE, directed by Greg Kohs [Milwaukee's Neil Diamond tribute band/husband and wife singing duo, Lightning & Thunder, and their tragic love story... probably not.]

VERY YOUNG GIRLS, directed by David Schisgall [Young girls in the world of prostitution... nah.]

WE ARE WIZARDS, directed by Josh Koury [Couild be about Harry & The Potters... could be fun... p.n.]

WILD BLUE YONDER, directed by Celia Maysles [Documentary about the documentarian David Maysles... slight possibilty.]


Padraic said...

Must do the Public Enemy doc! Especially if you want to prepare for their P-Fork appearance this year.

I think I have a special place in my heart for PE because they are the only band I listened to in the late 80s/early 90s that are still considered cool.

Sean said...

The p4k lineup is looking nice but this year we're going to be visiting some dude in Belgium instead. I've always been more a fan of the idea of PE than anything else. I don't think I've ever owned one of their albums. It's a testament to their power that the they can still maintain any sort of credibility after Flava of Love.

Padraic said...

Flav and Chuck are the oddest duo in music history, no question.

Street said...

We think you'd like SAVIOURS - go see it!

‘Fighting For a Better Life’

“SAVIOURS represents the best in bare-bones, small-scale filmmaking. Tightly focused and lovingly filmed, it's proof that when it comes to making smart movies, everything else matters more than money.”
Chicago Tribune

“Ireland’s answer to Million Dollar Baby…”
Irish Daily Mail

“This new Irish film packs a punch!”
Irish Independent

“Watching this finely crafted Doc, it’s hard to believe it was made with no budget.”
Hot Press

Best Feature Documentary – Waterford Film Festival

Passionately filmed for two years with no budget, SAVIOURS is the moving debut feature film by Ross Whitaker and Liam Nolan.

The film is an intimate, gripping and often humourous documentary following three young boxers from the same Dublin boxing club, St. Saviours Olympic Boxing Academy.

The club is a safe haven amongst the dangerous flats of Dublin's north inner city.

There, under the guidance of the club's canny coaches, the three boxers fight for a better life both inside and outside the ring.