Wednesday, December 12, 2007

December's Beer of the Month - Stone Coast's Jamaican Style Stout

Mmmm... stout. Who doesn't love a good stout or a porter on a cold winter night? Sure, certain beer folk will tell you that a porter is just as good on a sweaty summer day and well, I'm not going to tell them to shove it but I'll put it this way. I like to attempt to cook with beer. It's fun. I splashed some Allagash White on my asparagus one evening and haven't looked back since. But would you make a stew with a crisp summer ale? Nah, you'd probably add some stout to that stew. And nothing says winter to me more than getting the dutch oven full of some lovin'. What I'm trying to say is 'tis the season to find a good stout. And Stone Coast's Jamaican Style Stout is just the thing. I mean, this brewery is from Maine -- they should know what to drink in the winter time, no?

Pitch black (or brown). Can't see any light through the glass but there's a bit of red around the edges. Sticky light brown head that leaves the proper rings around your glass as you imbibe. A little bit of a Heath bar aroma and taste. A bit more pronounced when you drink it than the smell would lead you to believe. Very tasty with a kiss of the hops - more than your average stout. It's a subtle beer, especially since its ABV is 7.4% and you can't tell at all. It's not a creamy stout like a Guinness -- it's thinner, velvety, and a bit lighter than the kind of stout you might be used to. In fact this is the perfect kind of stout for the summer.

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