Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The November Beer of the Month

Lagunitas Absolutely Free 22oz (Kill Ugly Radio)

A beer made to honor Absolutely Free.

Pours easy. Beery orange color with a nice inch of white on top which dissipates soon enough. Smell and taste some honey, also a bit flowery. Easy drinking without too much carbonation -- just enough. A little bit tangy but it doesn't linger too long. Almost crisp. Basically a good pale ale. Damn fine beverage.

I like Lagunitas Brewing Company. They hardly ever disappoint. And this yearly thing they're doing to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Zappa albums with beer has been pretty successful from a beer drinker's perspective -- last year's Freak Out! was hella good too (to use a Petaluma term [that they probably don't use anymore]) and the use of the album cover as the bottle label really makes it stand out next to the other beers in the store. I don't have too much interest in Zappa music, he's always been one of those guys where I've had more interest in the artist than in the art, but this beer is another winner. In fact, more than anything or anyone else in the past, Lagunitas has successfully gotten me curious to check these albums out. Not sure if I will (albums that use schizophrenic as a term to describe them are hardly ever my thing), but hey, that's the sign of a good beer.

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