Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Reviews of the New Old TV

(and a recap on the new new)


Fuck Kumar. The guy has Derek Jeter disease; (to paraphrase a friend) every time I see his face it needs punching. Not to mention Harold & Kumar sucked and that trailer for the sequel has scabies all over it. Oh, so yeah, Kal Penn has showed up in this new season of House. In fact a lot of shitty actors have showed up -- some good, but for some reason as House whittles down the members of his new team he seems adamant about choosing the most annoying. I'm holding out for the old guy with the Alan Arkin impersonation but dear lord do I miss House's old team. Thankfully, they kind of showed up in the second episode this season. My loyalties to House tend to waver at some point during every season but it's starting early this year.


Even though I officially gave up on you last year, Heroes, I tuned in for the first episode of this, your second season, to see if you might be able to drag me back in so that I might be able to watch Kristen Bell in a TV show this year. Instead you made me feel like the biggest sucker in the world for falling into your ploy. What a sack of cheap-ass recycled cliches and ham-fisted plot points to shove down a bunch of gaping maws who seemingly are only too pleased to be served up this cold, joyless tripe. Unoriginal, poorly scripted junk.

The Office

Stop it with the one hour episodes. Please. I think there's good to be had for you, NBC, in doing the extended material on your website after the 30 minute episode is over. Anyway, you're still great, American Office. Cutting the fat would be preferable, and though you dipped into a bit of unfunny with that whole car in the lake thing on the second episode, I feel you'll bounce back fine.

[Sorry, no more talking to the shows from here on out.]

30 Rock

Not as weak an opener as House but the first episode featured an unusual amount of jokes that fell flat. I know it's gotta be hard to debut your second season when you're coming off a first year being the best half-hour comedy on TV... I'm nit picking, though, you still offered up more laughs in 30 minutes than any other show on tv. Seinfeld's gotten a bit rusty with the acting since his show went off the air, eh? It's like he's reset himself to the skills he possessed in his first season (shudder). Good to see Alec is still game though even if he'd rather be somewhere else. Maybe he's just happy 30 Rock isn't a certified hit and NBC is making them do one hour shows every week to make up for a lack of programing.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

The first four or five seasons of this show (before they brought back the Noth) were some of the best tv to have Law & Order in it's title. But the past few years have seen it's creator and long time head writer leave and it's been hurting ever since. Last year it even got all CSI in it's cinematography. But I can't quit my Goran and Eames. This first one of it's new life on the USA cable channel wasn't that great, but it wasn't that bad either. In fact there was a little more life in the show than I remembered seeing last season (as well as a few more pounds on D'Onofrio).


Did you know the second season of this show was pretty damn rockin'? If you were a fan of the X-Files, or even Buffy, you might enjoy playing some catch-up with this one. It doesn't take itself too seriously and has built up some good three-dimensional characters worth hanging out with. It took some time finding it's feet but coming off a well crafted second season it's created itself a solid mythology and plenty of self-referential material to make for appreciative, rewarding tv. From the looks of last weeks episode it's still firing on all cylinders (yeah, a couple of one-liners hit the floor DOA, but it's all easily forgiven around here) -- the Brad Pitt in Seven impersonation had me laughing for a good minute. Smart sci-fi is a thing to treasure, and with Ben Edlund still on board I'll keep tuning in. Which leads me to...

Recap of New New TV

Bionic Woman

Sorry, even though Starbuck, the Leather-Clad Kick-Ass Evil Bionic Babe, is fun to watch, the rest of your shit simply ain't. I'm giving up.


I do like crazy-ass, comically unstable detectives. And I did like the second episode of this one. It replaces BW on the fence.

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Padraic said...

"I'm holding out for the old guy with the Alan Arkin impersonation"

That's funny; I caught about three seconds of the show and thought it *was* Alan Arkin.

One-hour Office is too much.

30 Rock was way down, though I think Seinfeld was trying to mock himself.

Every other show sucks. There hasn't been a truly original network one-hour drama since Northern Exposure and the one season of Twin Peaks.