Friday, September 7, 2007

The Schedule and a Contest

This is for the kids:

Black Lips ME Fri 9/21/2007
Okkervil - ME Tue 9/25/2007
Devendra - Roxy Tue 9/25/2007
826 Berklee Wed 9/26/2007
Jose Gonzales - Dise Sun 9/30/2007
National - Roxy Sat 10/6/2007 12:00
Sunset Rubdown - Mid East Sun 10/7/2007
Hives Mid Sun 10/14/2007
Enon - GS Sat 10/20/2007
Go Team - Dise Thu 10/25/2007
Jens Lekman - Dise Mon 10/29/2007
Menomena - Dise Fri 11/9/2007

This is the only show RFC has in the bank:

I think Special Fellow has Sunset Rubdown confirmed.?

So hey Kids (this is "the contest part"), you want an unopened, factory delivered copy of the DVD set of the 2nd Season of Twin Peaks? It's free ya know... I know the big complete set is coming out. I'm happy about that too. But maybe you're like me and paid some money for that first season set and figure hey -- here's a guy giving away the second season set. So mister, whatto I hafta do?

Send an email to with an address and I'll send it there. Really, it's that simple. This thing's been sitting next to my tv for the past few months and I really can't come up with a contest or anything. Hell, as far as I know there's 4 people who read this and one of 'em is me.

There's other, maybe better videos I could put on here about Twin Peaks. But I actually remember being sad that I'd missed this interview. Say what you will about Jay -- and I've said the worse of things -- but he liked talking to directors when the powers that be let him.

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SpecialFellow said...

Sunset Rubdown is confirmed. I will see as many of these shows I can. A) Because I have the money and B) Because I have the time.