Monday, August 13, 2007

Tripel Karmeliet

Continuing with the summer beer theme – here’s another wonderful addition.

Tripel Karmeliet

“Authentic Belgian Ale” and yes, it is actually a Product of Belgium

It comes in a 1PT. 9.4FL. OZ. Bottle. The price at my Whole Foods was $9.99, meaning you can probably find it cheaper. Alc. 8.1%

On the bottle it tells me it’s, “Blond, robust, smooth and fruity, with a delicate spicy flavor. Bottle conditioned ale made with Oats, Barley and Wheat, a true “3 grain” ale. 100% natural. “Brewed by the Bosteels Family, brewers since 1791”

After this description it has a bit of it’s award winning heritage: Gold Medal in a World Beer Cup among a couple of others.

A World Beer Cup award doesn’t mean much in some cases, but this one stands up.

The aroma upon pour is brilliant. Clean, spices, lemon, maybe a little orange… There are some beers that upon pour, after a whiff, you think – now this is a fucking beer. This is pretty close to that when you’re looking for another good summer beer. Normally I wouldn’t be looking to the Tripel category but a good Belgian Ale can beat a wheat beer any day.

It’s got a lovely hazy orange body. Bubbly… I recommend either chilling your beer glass or letting the beer sit at room temp for a little while to avoid getting a bad pour. Either way, do it slowly.

Imbibing, the bubble tickles you upper lip, the taste is damn close to the bottles description – imagine that. There’s a nice citrus up front, with a spicy kick in the back. It’s a good beer to use for lying on the couch and watching a music documentary. I’d pair it with 2002’s Pavement: Slow Century.

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