Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Return of the Trailer Trash

I know what you're saying, 2 posts in 1 day, what the hell? I couldn't help but bring a feature back from the ol' TRB. Mostly this is due to my love of the first trailer I'm going link up here. In all honesty you don't see many good trailers out there these days unless you go hunting for them. But as summer comes to a close we come upon prestige picture time, that special time between Labor Day and Xmas. And so a lot of these award grubbing guys have been putting out their trailers over the past month. I've collected a few of them here for our convenience...

No Country For Old Men -- All right. There's a pop up on this site that you just have to put in some information to get to a tasty red band trailer. Do it. You might have to turn off your pop-up blocker for the site to get to it. Honestly there's not much discernible difference between the red band and the green band one but hey, I have to appreciate the people who still put out the red ones. Anyway, fuck yeah. This is the movie I'm most jazzed for this year. CHUD said it best, as they often tend to do, "I don't know what evil spirit possessed Javier Bardem for the duration of this shoot, but here's hoping it can't pass the Texas state line." I probably enjoy the Coen Bros. more than I should, but I can't help it. While they do have a very unique style, they continue to surprise and they're anything but predictable (like Mr. Anderson is turning out to be, but we'll get to that in a minute).

The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford -- This one's a long time coming. I think the shotting for this was completed over a year ago. Some rumors started that there was some problems between the director's cut and what the studio wanted. I guess they weren't looking for a Terrence Malick picture when they got this talent together to make a western. Sadly, I haven't seen director Andrew Dominik's Chopper yet. It was one of those rare occasions when a Netflix DVD was a bit too chewed up to work in my player. But word on the street after a screening or two is that this is the movie that proves Casey Affleck can actually deliver and that casting Brad Pitt as Jesse James is a bit of type casting that actually pays off in dividends. We'll see -- the trailer looks gorgeous.

Michael Clayton -- Goddamn these HD trailers on the apple site look fan fucking tastic. I have nothing much to say about this except For better or worse I think Clooney's the closest our generation's going to get to a Steve McQueen. And all things considered he's probably a better actor -- though McQueen I don't think got quite the opportunities he would have liked, and that probably had a hand in his early demise. Anyway, I can't pretend to know what the fuck this movie's really about from this trailer; I think they're going to have to work on that if they want anyone to see it. Lord knows just having Clooney in your picture isn't going to sell tickets. I also have a lot of respect for Tom Wilkinson, terrific actor who makes everything he's in a little better. The same goes for Mrs. Bela Tarr, Tilda Swinton. As muddled as it is trying to give you some sense of plot/purpose, it still manages to be an effective trailer.

Darjeeling Unlimited -- Wes Anderson's new one. I don't know... The trailer does worse than nothing for me. I'd love to see Wes do something at least a little different than this. He seems to love picking at quirky families with issues. I wish he actually was working on some international thriller with bayonet tipped revolvers. Instead we have another set of brothers having funny arguments, working things out while semi-obscure 70's tunes play out in the background. Of course all this will be immaculately staged, shot and designed down to the fabric of the car seats, so yeah, I'll be watching it.

Into the Wild -- Sean Penn's adaptation of the book everyone's seen someone else reading at some point over the past 5+ years. Just kidding. I meant to read this one and maybe I'll borrow it from someone before this makes it to a theater near me. This is another one that's been screened already and word is very good. Zach Galifianakis plays a character named Kevin, and anti-social guy who teaches our protagonist some survival skills, which I think may cause my girlfriend's head to explode for reasons I probably shouldn't get into. The trailer falls into the worst kind of trailer cliches towards the end though, but I don't hold that against the movie.

Be Kind, Rewind -- Not so much of an award contender like these other ones but I figured I'd put it in here anyway because I get a kick out of it. I still think Padraic was off on his judgment of Gondry's Science of Sleep, and his next one here will probably be equally divisive. I think you have a great story -- and Gondry can't help but make a movie look good. I'm just hoping that the movie don't turn to syrupy sweet at the end. I'm all for a good time movie with a happy ending but we all have our limits.

Cassandra's Dream -- And so, as we've been doing here recently I'll finish it up with a youtuber. Woody Allen's next picture. Another dip into the cost of murder pool. While I didn't dig Match Point as much as some, for some reason I always root for Ewan McGregor to make another decent movie. It looks like he might actually achieve it here. Even more interesting, did Woody get Colin Farrel to play against type? Nicely done... as is always the case for me with Woody -- can't wait to see this one.

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