Sunday, July 1, 2007

3 Monts Flanders Golden Ale

So summer's here. The ol' tv's gone from dvr overload to the next batch of 15 minute of fame reality crap that makes me want to punch my tv for even suggesting I watch this crap. So why aren't the movie reviews being tossed on RFC like baloney on a stripper's ass on the Howard Stern show? Well, summer is also the time of vacations. Damn. Paddy, why can't we be like the rest of the blogowonderland and not have places to be and months where escaping the dull glow of the computer screen is the entire point? Well, Paddy is doing just that. Going off the grid. But on his way out he dropped a couple of reviews in my mailbox, so we'll at least have a couple of 2fers this month.

This gives me a good place to venture into my other love. Beer. Now, RFC's mission statement was always to review anything from two perspectives. Well, there's always the comment's section, right Paddy?

Brasserie De Saint Sylvestre
3 Monts Flaners Golden Ale
1 Pint 9,4 FL. OZ.

Purchased: Whole Foods (Cambridgeport, MA)
Price: $8.99

Again, yes, summertime. So! we like to keep the beers on the lighter-side of the beer scale, right?

This beer comes from France and has all the loveliness you want in a summer beer with none of that banana lemon shit that bogs down some of those other summer beers. This big guy has crisp pilsner-like taste that fans of the high life and pbr will enjoy. Poor this one slowly, [on the bottom of the label it says: FERMENTATION HAUTE SPECIALE. I'm not exactly sure if this means it's bottle conditioned, meaning you can store it for a while (I would venture to say it very well might improve with age)] a foamy white head produces quickly that leaves a nice web as the beer goes down. There is an intimidating latch on the top of this beer that pops off when you put your thumbs at the bottom of the latch and push forward.

As with most summer beers there is a bit of lemon in there which gives it a nice fresh flavor to go with the sharpness. Very easy drinking, but there is a good reason it comes in the 1.9.4oz bottle. Don't put a fucking lemon wedge in this. If your beer needs a fucking lemon wedge it isn't a very good beer, is it? Save 'em for the cocktails.

I wasn't expecting this one to be such a great summer beer. Yet, it dominates. I bought this bottle along with a six pack of Ipswich Summer Ale, which I already know is pretty good and discovering that the Brooklyn Summer is good too {the Brooklyn Beer thing will have to wait for another session]. Yet, this one beats them all as well as most of the hefeweizens that are out there.

Ok. Now that we have our beer of choice, let's watch a movie...

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