Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I have more crap on my DVR than I can keep up with. Something will pop up on IFC or Flix or, yes, even Movieplex, and I'll set it and forget it. So to help me decide what I should watch next I'll extend the question to the ethers of bl8g059h33r3Z1!11. I'll keep this post linked to the sidebar, vote by posting a reply, and I'll keep a tally. Every once in a while I'll swoop in and watch whatever gets the votes and update the list. Some of these movie's I will have seen before so don't act all shocked -- but since I set them to record I probably liked the movie and haven't seen it in a good long while or I wanted to record it for my girlfriend to watch. Some of them might be masterpieces that I'm shameful to have not watched yet. And some of 'em might be huge stinkers but something about it has my interest piqued. Ok? Here it goes...

1. Graveyard of Honor
2. Brown's Requiem
3. The Tao of Steve
4. All About My Mother
5. Mr. Death
6. Knife in the Water
7. American Movie
8. Miller's Crossing
9. The Good Theif
10. Vincent & Theo
11. Tarnation
12. Zatoichi (2003)


SpecialFellow said...

The 'The Tao of Steve'. For somewhat obvious reasons.

SpecialFellow said...

Oh and 'Tarnation' for the girlfriend movie. Nothing like mental illness in a flick to get a free 'cop-o-feel' pass.