Thursday, March 29, 2007

Shape of Things to Come

In my mind, at RFC HQ, there's one of those posters of the cute kitten hanging off a branch by one paw -- "Hang in there!" Due to (hopefully) temporary poor connections to the internets, time management issues and things of the sort, the site is far from it's full potential. Still a bit of a work in progress, really. I just want to put it out there for anyone who might stumble across this and see a post that's all kitty whompus, or some missing links, that we're working on it when we have the time and the wi-fi gods permit.

In the near future you should be seeing some shiny bells and maybe a snazzy whistle or two. These would be things like awesomer links, clips from the movies within the posts, and other ideas that haven't quite made it past the test tube stage.

Even though we may be still learning how to walk upright here at RFC, we'll be doing the tango soon enough. Stay tuned.

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