Sunday, February 11, 2007

An Old Idea

I don't want to say that this site is a tribute to the pioneers Siskel & Ebert (just in case this turns out to be a horrible failure I'd rather not taint their name), but that's the basic idea -- the template if you will, for this site: To give two opinions on everything. I feel that the art of the movie review could use in print, or cyber-print, or whathaveyou, the style that S&E brought to the table. I know that the television review is a different beast than the written one but we're going to try and capture some of that back and forth, yin and yang that you don't really find anywhere anymore. A lot of sites out there will give you a review followed by 50 pages of comments that the reviewer may or may not contribute to. Through a very scientific and groundbreaking process, each review on this site will come with two point-of-views that will read like a conversation. Sort of. One person will introduce the thing in question and give the initial review. Then the second person will comment on that review while giving his or her own critique of the movie, tv show, book, etc.

My colleague across the aisle for a majority of this will be Padraic. And to answer a question that you might already be asking, No, we don't agree about everything. In fact there are some very big issues that I'm sure we'll get around to debating over on here. Should be entertaining. That's the point anyway. To start conversations about the things we like to talk about. But we'll probably be inviting some other folks we know, or get to know, into the mix.

For at least the good part of this site's infancy I think we'll be covering movies. But I want to keep this site open for discussions on whatever is worth reviewing. On that note, if you're reading this -- tune back in on St. Patrick's Day and we'll have something for you.